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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Project 2996 - Remembering Kiran Reddy Gopu on Sept 11

Project 2996 pays tribute to every one of the 2996 victims of the tragedy that occured on Sept 11 2001. Each victim has been allocated to an individual blog to pay their respects on and arround the tragic day.

Kiran Reddy Gopu was a graduate in computer sciences doing his masters degree at University of Bridgeport.

He was in World Trade Center, Tower 1 on the 97th floor when psycopathic fundamentalists flew the highjacked aircraft into it.

Friends say that he was relentless in pursuit of his goals and never gave up always encouraging his friends to do the same. It was his dream to work at the World Trade Centre. This dream came true when he was employed by Marsh & McLennan as a software engineer.

He was 24 when his life was taken.



At 12:16 AM, Blogger kateandjona said...

Thank you for remembering Kiran.

Jonathon's Closet remembers Robert Levine.


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